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Facebook? Log Out! … eventuell reicht das aber nicht :-(


Vor 2 Tagen hat Dave Winer (… hat z.B. RSS entwickelt) einen interessanten Artikel zum Thema Facebook / Timeline etc. geschrieben (Scripting News: Facebook is scaring me)

This time, however, they’re doing something that I think is really scary, and virus-like. The kind of behavior deserves a bad name, like phishing, or spam, or cyber-stalking.

And, until Facebook owns the browser we use, there is a simple way to opt-out, and I’ve done it myself. Log out of Facebook. And if Facebook had a shred of honor they would make their cookie expire, right now, for everyone, and require a re-log-in, and a preference choice to stay permanently logged-in.

Weitere technische Informationen dazu Nik Cubrilovic Blog – Logging out of Facebook is not enough

Even if you are logged out, Facebook still knows and can track every page you visit

… “Every Page” sei all denen gesagt, die sich bei Facebook (sorglos?) tummeln.

Korrektur: Statt alle sind nur die Sites betroffen, die Facebook integriert haben.


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